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Private Schools in Pattaya

private school in Pattaya

If you are considering moving to Pattaya but are concerned about education options for your children you would not be alone. The good news is, Pattaya has several schools to choose from ranging in curriculum and budget. Choose Between Thai Private schools or International Schools offering either the British or American curriculum. To support our kids to have the best development in the best environment. In Pattaya area, there are at least these four private schools that offer outstanding quality courses.


Phoenix Wittaya School – Where learning is made enjoyable!

The English, Chinese, and Thai balanced curriculum with creative and imaginative environment to develop your child in all aspects, Phoenix Wittaya School is quality a childcare and kindergarten in Pattaya that opened in May 2006. With a safe and secure learning atmosphere that aims to develop students self-discipline, self-reliance with the knowledge of the world surrounding them, Phonix Wittaya School uses the Cambridge curriculum that has core STEM subjects with one step further by including Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Art. They offer extra courses such as dancing, music, painting, sculpture, cooking, ballet, computer lab depending on teacher employment in each year. Students here are diverse nationalities such as French, American, Australian, Chinese, Russian, Thai, German, and British. High quality school in Pattaya that is friendly for the budget.


Tara Pattana International School – Boutique International Shool in East Pattaya

Within 15-minute drive from Villa Asiatic, Tara Pattana International School has sense of home and community. This school uses British National Curriculum with a global perspective. Boarding full time for the term or flexible boarding house for your students’ occasional weeknights. The mission is high expectations of learning that inspire students to reach their full potential. Six interlinking elements that create caring, resilient individuals who can be leaders in a globalized world:


Academics – academic program that incorporates other five elements

Activities – wide range of activities, including arts, sports, leadership and clubs

Outdoor education – learning in the real world to build leadership and resilience

Learning for life – to improve life skills for the student to deal with personal and social challenges

Community service – to connect with others and take action to help community

Global citizenship – intercultural learning to let students know how to connect with other cultures


The Regents International School Pattaya – Everyday feels like an adventure in learning

One of the most sought-after British day and boarding schools in Southeast Asia. The Regents School is the inspiration for Phoenix Wittaya School on Sukhumvit in Jomtien. An international school in the true sense – offering over 50 nationalities culturally diverse students a holistic education as a gateway to any university in the world. The Regents started over 20 years ago in 1994 with an ambitious philosophy that drives the educational offering:

“The Regents believe that there is no limit to what the children can achieve.

They ignite the child’s curiosity and tell them to reach for their dreams, to step outside their comfort zones and try something new.”

It has grown to be a premier international school, well known throughout Southeast Asia, follows British national curriculum and has a lot of extracurricular activities for students. Global campus connects the students around the world to learn together every day- broadening their knowledge and nurturing transferable skills.


International School of Chonburi – Preparation for Real Living with Real Experience

A young school opened in 2009 that is inspired by the philosophy of Reggio Emilia. With the mission to advance a community of active and reflective learners and to embrace cultural diversity in the changing world, International School of Chonburi stresses strong relationships among students, faculty, parents and community. It is important to share ideas, knowledge, and feeling with each other. The school creates an appropriate environment for open communication. The children will have a chance to learn from different kinds of media and direct experiences. ISC focus on preparing your children to be able to manage their lives easier in the complex world.


Choose The Best Private Schools in Pattaya for Your Kids

The little child today will grow up to become part of organizations, be generous rescuers or maybe inventors for new technology. They will be the great part of what we will be doing. What we can do is to prepare the best environments for our kids to learn and develop their skills. Phoenix Wittaya School is a good place for all children to learn new things. The Regents International School Pattaya makes every class like an adventure while Tara Pattana International School creates the feeling of learning at home with lots of warm friendships. International School of Chonburi prepares your kids to learn best from multicultural experience. When it is time to decide for your children, choose the best school for them since this will be most important part in their childhood.