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Fed Property Co. Ltd. Introduces Villa Asiatic


Villa Asiatic is a new development by the fledgling developer Fed Property Co. Ltd. The Fed Property Group has put together a team of professionals who have called Pattaya home for the better part of two decades. The team at Fed Property has selected a prime piece of real estate only 1 km from the sea. The houses for sale will be built with high quality materials using a functional design that is also pleasing to the eye. Fed Property Co. Ltd., is ready to show you what they have in the Pattaya House for Sale market.

Villa Asiatic Convenient Location

The location for Villa Asiatic is excellent. It is nestled at the gateway of Pattaya, only 1 km from the beach of Na Kluea. The road connecting to the construction site is new, and very easy to access from either the Motorway coming into Pattaya from Bangkok, or from the railroad access road coming from the Highway 36 side. The proximity to the sea allows for breezes to blow through the location, making it a great place to sit outdoors and enjoy the sunset to the west, or the sunrise over the mountains to the east.


Team of Seasoned Professionals

The Villa Asiatic project embodies teamwork from the beginning. The team behind the project is filled with members from around the globe, who share one thing in common. They appreciate the lifestyle in Thailand, and love to live in Pattaya, just like their prospective buyers. The team has worked together to bring to Pattaya a lovely village with a fusion of European and Asian flare, with an emphasis on getting the best value.

Homes Built with High Quality Materials at a Good Value

Whether you select a Townhome, Garden Villa, Grand Villa or Deluxe Villa you will have a superb selection of materials to choose from. There are full options for everything in either standard or deluxe, and when you buy your home before it gets built you get to pick and choose every detail that will go into your new home. A lot of time was spent making sure that every detail will give owners good quality at a fair price.


Functional Design

Every detail was considered when designing the homes and the village. The direction the windows face, the materials chosen, the insulation selected, the appliances installed, and even the number of windows and their thickness. The buildings were set up to maximize privacy, and minimize the negative effects of the environment. Appropriate materials have been used to ensure that the homes will stand up to the elements in Thailand, such as the beating sun, and salt filled breezes.


Schedule a Tour of Villa Asiatic

To book a tour of the village where Villa Asiatic will stand please contact an agent today to set your appointment.