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Buying Your Home

Complete Guide to Purchasing a Home in Pattaya, Thailand

Our team bring to you a comprehensive guide on buying a property in the Kingdom of Thailand. Information on ownership types, financing, inheritance, landownership and more are included in this guide. We will keep adding to it regularly but if you have any question for which you cannot find the answer below please feel free to contact us through the contract form.

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Thailand Land Measurements

The measurements used to measure land in Thailand are quite different from what is obtained in Europe, United Kingdom or in the United States. Land size is often indicated in the local Thailand measurement units.

Thailand Land Titles

If you are looking to purchase a land, you need to be conversant with the several land title deeds that are in existence. This is to enable you have a better understanding of what exactly you are being offered. A large majority of the landed properties in Thailand are not titled or properly surveyed. This is as a result of the fact that complete surveys and detailed titling procedures are still being developed.

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Thailand Property Taxes & Fees

What are the Thailand Property & Land Taxes?
Taxes and fees are not the first thing that comes to mind when trying to purchase a property. Without due process and proper consulting, property owners tend to get surprised a couple of months down the line when they begin to see the tax bill accrued to the property. There are usually four potential taxes/fees/levies to be paid when a property is acquired in Thailand.

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How to own a house in Thailand

Property Ownership Right
If you are planning to buy a property in Thailand, the first thing you need to bear in mind is that non-nationals are not allowed to own a landed property directly under their name. However, with the right legal backing to control the ownership of the property, foreign nationals can own lands in the country. This legal support has been beneficial to investors over the years, and they have leveraged on it to own expanses of landed properties in the country.

Property & Real Estate FAQ

Land Ownership
"Are foreigners allowed to own land in Thailand?"
With reference to Thai laws, foreign citizens are prevented from purchasing land with freehold. Although, with the aid of a legal practitioner they can secure control and own land. In addition, a foreign citizen cannot acquire more than a 49% stake in a Thai limited company that owns a land with freehold with the company’s name. Foreigners are allowed to own buildings which are separated from its land. For example, a condominium unit.
How can foreigners own land in Thailand?


A Comfortable Process

Fed Property and Villa Asiatic look forward to working with both veteran buyers, as well as first time home buyers. The process is designed to make you the buyer as comfortable as possible. We have attempted to anticipate your needs just as you would expect of any company touting a luxury service. Please contact us today to schedule a sit down with an agent to discuss all your wants, needs, and desires for your new home purchase.


The focus of Villa Asiatic is to work with home owners to get the most value for their money. Great attention to detail has been given to everything from fixtures, to furniture, to the direction each window faces. No details has been left unconsidered. In addition to mapping out every detail, the staff at Villa Asiatic have gone through extensive product knowledge training for all the different options being offered in the standard home or the luxury home. One can choose full standard, full luxury, or any bespoke combination of the two that will suit their needs.

The City of Pattaya

The City of Pattaya prior to the mid-1960s was little more than a sleepy fishing village, much like Na Kluea still is today. About 40 kilometers away from Pattya is U-Tapao Army Airfield which was used extensively during the Vietnam War by United States Service Personnel. When the soldiers were given time for rest & relaxation their go to spot was the half moon bay of Pattaya Beach. The four KM stretch of beach with it’s perfect golden sand and crystal clear waters perfect for swimming drew the military men and then the town began to spring up around them.

Hotels, bars, restaurants, and Go Go Clubs, and Nightclubs all came into existence by the early 1970’s and now today Pattaya is quickly becoming a world class family tourist destination with a focus on green and sustainable tourism and sports. Pattaya is home to over 20 golf courses, a world class water park, many five star resorts, a racing circuit, and a new sports stadium is currently in the planning. There are several international schools and private schools in the vicinity, along with a very diverse culture, unlike anywhere else in Thailand.

Mortgage Information

Additional information on mortgages and financing will be provided as the buying guide is updated.