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Property Features

Villa Asiatic Property Features

Villa Asiatic has combined all the best Thailand has to offer into one master planned village. How would you like a home located within minutes of all the Western comforts, only 20 minutes from downtown Pattaya, and a little over an hour outside of Bangkok. A village that catches the breezes from the sea, and is in proximity to Pattaya's night life and major attractions, all while giving you the feel of a rural village in the country? Buy your new custom house or townhome in Pattaya at Villa Asiatic. If you have been looking for such a home in Pattaya and you have not found it before today, that is likely because it did not exist, but thanks to the innovative designer and developer at FED Property you can now see it for yourself.


Private Convenient Location

The Designer has taken into account every detail to maximize your privacy and take full advantage of the location near the sea. All the windows in every home face the setting sun, and this means no houses look into each other through the windows, giving everyone the illusion that their home is stand alone. The heat is no bother as these windows are insulated and UV protected, and actually help to cool the home. The sea is only 1 km away, and the Motorway is a mere 5 minute drive.

The village is also less than 20 minutes drive to the best international schools in the province.


Family Friendly Amenities

At the front of the village are a dozen town homes. Six on each side lining their own swimming pool. There is another larger swimming pool a little further into the village. There are two playgrounds for children, and an outdoor volley ball court. There are communal barbecue pits near the swimming pools ideal for entertaining.


Superior Materials

The designers have selected materials for the homes that they would use themselves. Western quality appliances and options, combined with Thai labor installations make for very good value on these homes. Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Units, real wood stair cases, natural stone countertops, insulated walls, central air conditioning in the deluxe home, professional landscaping, motion sensor security, stainless steel gates, and covered parking.