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Finding a Property in Pattaya at Villa Asiatic 


Finding a Property in Pattaya at Villa Asiatic


If you are trying to find a property to buy in Pattaya make sure Villa Asiatic makes it onto your short list of must tour properties. Villa Asiatic is a full community about 1 km from the sea with 4 distinct floor plans that are all fully customizable. The first phase of construction will include the townhomes and the smaller floor plan garden villas toward the main gate of the property. The second phase of construction will have more garden villas and grand villas, while the thrid and final phase of construction will see the large lots completed and the private pool villas for sale in Pattaya.


Type of Buyer

Why are you buying a home in Pattaya? Are you looking for a place to live in year round yourself? Are you looking for a vacation home that you will use for only part of the year? Or are you looking for an investment property that you can rent out for monthly income? Maybe it will be some combination of the three? Perhaps you will use it as a rental property in the beginning and later retire into it yourself. Whatever your reasons for buying in Pattaya Villa Asiatic has 4 distinct floorplans to suite many needs and budgets, with a focus on quality for the money.


Pool Villa for Sale in Pattaya only 1 KM from the Sea

The location of Villa Asiatic is prime. It takes advantage of the ocean breezes as they are only 1 km away, and at the same time, are across the railroad tracks giving you the ultimate in value. Quiet location with an access road only a few years old, this village under construction is a lovely place to plan your private pool villa in Pattaya. With a number of irregular lots around the perimeter of the property there is room for more than one spectacular pool villa to be built. Customize the floor plan with all the upgrades, or scale it down for extreme value.


Townhome for Sale near Pattaya Beach

Villa Asiatic has decided to place a dozen townhouses for sale at the front of the village in Pattaya. The townhomes will be built during the first phase of construction, and are currently still being offered at presale prices (Sept 2016). The 2 bedroom units will surround a semi private swimming pool with lush tropical landscaping. When you take a tour of the model homes at the construction site you can choose all your own finishes from the standard or deluxe homes putting you in control of your own custom place near the sea.


Garden Villa, and Grand Villa for Sale in Pattaya

The Gardne Villa homes, and Grand Villa homes will be available in all three phases of construction. The lot loction will determine what phase your new home will be built in. The closer to the main gate, the sooner it will be built, and the farther into the property the farther out it will be. The Garden Villa is exactly what it sounds like, it is a smaller house with a larger outdoor space that will easily support and outdoor Thai spice kitchen, as well as all the peppers and herbs growing in the garden needed for cooking. The Grand Villas for sale are larger houses on the same size lot, nearly eliminating all but the very most basic maintenance needs for owners. The Grand Villa is a free standing home with all the privacy, and nearly the upkeep of a condo or townhouse. A wonderful combination.


Villa Asiatic Would LIke to Invite You to Tour the Construction Site in Pattaya

You are welcome to tour the construction site in Pattaya to select your new custom house, townhome or Pool Villa. Contact an agent today to set an appointment and before you know it you will be making an offer on your new property purchase in Pattaya.